Could taking the tablet be the best medicine for sales?

Do you have a tablet? Is it an iPad, Android or maybe the Kindle Fire? It seems like everyone has a tablet these days and for anyone involved in sales they might just be the best medicine to enhance your sales.

And remember, if you work for yourself or are customer facing in your role… guess what? You are in sales. If that makes you shudder you definitely need to read on as taking the tablet could be the cure!

Photographers were the first professionals I saw bringing tablets along to networking meetings and using them to scroll through their work. Often they would have also set up folders for different categories of photographs so when they had the one-to-one meetings that good networkers always do they could go straight to relevant images.

Here at Morgan PR we use our tablet to showcase collateral that we have created and to illustrate how different social media platforms operate when we are mentoring clients in the best ways to use social media.

The tablet also allows for preparation en route to the meeting if you’re a passenger and similarly you can get cracking with any actions travelling after the meeting too and of course for taking notes during the meeting. Cloud based apps will sync merrily next time you’re logged on to Wi-Fi if you are not plugged in during a meeting or don’t have 3G.

Incidentally I tend to use Evernote for note taking and assign tasks directly to my all-time favourite to do app, the apply named Todoist, one of the few freemium modelled apps that I paid to go pro with! Yes, that good!

Incidentally, when it comes to note taking do let me know if you hear of an app for translating shorthand. I could exist with only a tablet if there were a killer app to transform the Teeline shorthand I have used since learning 100 words per minute as a journalist, into the written word!

Just as with a smartphone you could also tell your network where you are working via your tablet if appropriate and this can lead to fresh opportunities simply because they discover where you are. Just last week we ended up having coffee with a prospect after an invite to pop in came from them spotting we were around the corner!

One word of caution if you are a smitten tablet kitten… while there is now doubt whisking out the tablet has a wow factor, do consider if it will actually intimidate the audience. There can be no quicker way to lose a sale than making your prospect feel daft! So do think how it will be received!

How do you use a tablet when out and about? Tell us how in the comments below.

Trying out The 29% Solution to improve the return on networking

The 29% SolutionHave you ever played Six Degrees of Separation? The dinner party game where you see how you can reach anyone in the world in just six degrees? It is certainly fun when you’ve been a journalist and police press officer as you quickly tot up celebrities and Royals which make for a winning hand!

However, I have just found out the fallacy of six degrees though. It is nonsense and based on the most successful of Stanley Milgram’s tests in the 1960s and 70s where letters were sent out by a group to try and reach a person they didn’t know. Just 29% achieved it in the now mythical six degrees and in other tests it fell to just five per cent!

Hence the title of a book I’m reading The 29% Solution: 52 Weekly Networking Success Strategies (affiliate link) by BNI founder Ivan Misner and referral expert Michelle Donovan. It takes the urban myth of six degrees and aims to get your networking to that level, to be part of that minority for whom six degrees does work, with 52 weekly success strategies.

To benchmark where you are the book asks you to fill out Ivan Misner’s Networking Self-Analysis form, which I duly did. Totting up my score it was 208 out of a possible 260, which landed me just inside the 80th percentile and apparently I’m ‘Very Good’! Or to be more precise, according to the authors:

“You’re doing many things right. Your effort can be very effective, and your relationships strong.”

What follows are 52 weekly strategies broken into eight sections and with a score of 208 I will no doubt find some weeks will be building on activities I already carry out as an experienced networker and Director Consultant for BNI Berkshire.

I’m hoping that this book will enhance my ability to help members of BNI Berkshire while improving my own performance as a networker, not least embodying the BNI principle of ‘Givers Gain’.

I plan to blog about each strategy and explain how I have found it and what results it is bringing and would be interested how these blogs help you too so do jump in with any thoughts or questions. The first week explores ‘Creating your Networking Goals’, which should be good! 

Morgan PR clients Perfectly Posh Hair Design and VICI Language Academy celebrate West Berkshire Business Awards triumph

Krysia Eddery with the Best Use of Social Media award won by Perfectly PoshTwo of Morgan PR’s clients are celebrating after success in the recent West Berkshire Business Awards. Hungerford’s Perfectly Posh Hair Design scooped ‘Best use of Social Media’ while the VICI Language Academy was a finalist in the ‘Small Business of the Year’ category.

We offer our heartfelt congratulations and thought it was worth looking at what helped Perfectly Posh to win that award and VICI to reach the final three.

A personal approach on Facebook and Twitter has long helped Perfectly Posh Hair Design, an Aveda Salon in Hungerford, Berkshire, woo new clients, fill cancelled appointments and raise awareness

“We were delighted to win,” comments Salon Director and founder Krysia Eddery. “We were up against businesses who specialise in social media but the judges clearly liked our personal approach. Contrary to prevailing advice we have never scheduled our updates, preferring to update between clients and we always engage with those who comment and chat to us. We see social media as an online extension of the atmosphere within the salon. 

“We promote offers and opportunities for late bookings through our social media channels and links for people to book online and perhaps most powerfully we share when we have a cancellation and will nearly always have followers get in touch asking to fill the slot, which is great for business and ensures stylists are rarely are left with empty chairs.

“We encourage people to use social media in the salon too with suggestions on all our mirrors to Like us on Facebook, leave reviews and Follow us on Twitter and provide free wifi to make this easy for our clients.

On Twitter @PPoshHair has over 1,100 followers and most, alongside industry insiders, are local to the salon and the majority are clients, however we really rock on Facebook where Perfectly Posh has 3,190 Likes and climbing with rarely less than 120 people talking about us and a host of five star reviews giving social proof on social media.

“There is also the Perfectly Posh blog where we share our photo shoots and talk about the latest styles and the benefits of using Aveda products; we share new blogs on Facebook and Twitter, but also have readers who visit the website just to catch up on the latest blog.”

It is the second award for Perfectly Posh this year as colourist Jody Gale won his category at The English Hair and Beauty Awards and naturally social media helped garner support for his entry and shared news of his triumph, instantly attracted new client and congratulations.

At the VICI Language Academy, which is in Arcade House in the heart of Newbury Town Centre, Nathalie Danon-Kerr explained how it felt to be among the finalists at the West Berkshire Business Award, which is still clearly a remarkable achievement.

“Here at the VICI Language Academy we were delighted to discover we were one of the finalists for the West Berkshire Business Awards 2013. We were among many businesses that entered and it was recognition of the hard work and achievement of everyone at the Academy that we reached the final three in the Small Business of the Year.

The Newbury MP Richard Benyon is supporting the awards and said: “The business community has many heroes and heroines who do not get enough recognition. This is a chance to recognise their achievements and to meet a wide cross section of the West Berkshire community.”

“We are not sure we are heroic, but we are very proud of all that we have achieved and being a finalist is a great honour with so many outstanding small businesses in West Berkshire and this comes as VICI is celebrating its fifth birthday.

“Five years that saw us launch as the country entered recession and grow year on year and ultimately flourish to the point where we are exploring launching VICI academies in other towns in the UK and also in France – where we suspect English will be the most popular language taught!”

Entering, and of course winning, awards is a great way to win some awesome PR and leveraged through social media the participation and potential triumph and then real success are sure fire ways to raise your profile and win new clients. Talk to Morgan PR today if you want to win with your public relations.