Could taking the tablet be the best medicine for sales?

Do you have a tablet? Is it an iPad, Android or maybe the Kindle Fire? It seems like everyone has a tablet these days and for anyone involved in sales they might just be the best medicine to enhance your sales.

And remember, if you work for yourself or are customer facing in your role… guess what? You are in sales. If that makes you shudder you definitely need to read on as taking the tablet could be the cure!

Photographers were the first professionals I saw bringing tablets along to networking meetings and using them to scroll through their work. Often they would have also set up folders for different categories of photographs so when they had the one-to-one meetings that good networkers always do they could go straight to relevant images.

Here at Morgan PR we use our tablet to showcase collateral that we have created and to illustrate how different social media platforms operate when we are mentoring clients in the best ways to use social media.

The tablet also allows for preparation en route to the meeting if you’re a passenger and similarly you can get cracking with any actions travelling after the meeting too and of course for taking notes during the meeting. Cloud based apps will sync merrily next time you’re logged on to Wi-Fi if you are not plugged in during a meeting or don’t have 3G.

Incidentally I tend to use Evernote for note taking and assign tasks directly to my all-time favourite to do app, the apply named Todoist, one of the few freemium modelled apps that I paid to go pro with! Yes, that good!

Incidentally, when it comes to note taking do let me know if you hear of an app for translating shorthand. I could exist with only a tablet if there were a killer app to transform the Teeline shorthand I have used since learning 100 words per minute as a journalist, into the written word!

Just as with a smartphone you could also tell your network where you are working via your tablet if appropriate and this can lead to fresh opportunities simply because they discover where you are. Just last week we ended up having coffee with a prospect after an invite to pop in came from them spotting we were around the corner!

One word of caution if you are a smitten tablet kitten… while there is now doubt whisking out the tablet has a wow factor, do consider if it will actually intimidate the audience. There can be no quicker way to lose a sale than making your prospect feel daft! So do think how it will be received!

How do you use a tablet when out and about? Tell us how in the comments below.