The 29% Solution – Create your Network Relationship Database


Week Six – Create a Network Relationship Database – working through The 29% Solution in 2014

I remember once seeing someone demonstrate the typical small business CRM system – that’s their Customer Relationship Management – by emptying a carrier bag of business cards on to the floor!

It might have been a bit extreme, but the truth is many businesses rely upon their contacts system within email, like Outlook or Gmail, to manage their contacts. Or if they do have a system it holds little more information than contact details.

You need more for that for your business and as Week Six of The 29% Solution reveals, you’ll need a lot more if you want a Network Relationship Database that works. It succinctly explains what you need to capture:

You need to keep more than just contact information. Record every word-of-mouth referral that you receive from your network… who gave you the referral, how it developed, and whether it led to any further business.

It is worth mentioning that if you are a member of BNI you receive your word-of-mouth referrals through a handy referral slip that separates into three parts – one for the recipient, one for the chapter and one for the giver to keep track of.

And if you believe the mantra ‘Givers Gain’ then surely your database needs to include the kind of referrals that you network members are looking for to remind you how you can help them.

Here at Morgan PR we are trialling different systems right now, looking for one that will suit both business and our network and ideally it will be in the cloud and work on tablets and smart phones so that information can be accessed and updated anywhere. We’ll post when we discover the right CRM!

Incidentally one of our associates, Jules Varnham from Go Live, specialises in corporate CRM systems so do check her out if your need is greater than a Network Referral Database.