Discover how our approach to press releases can get you publicity

A well written, perfectly timed press release will get your business into the newspapers, on to the web and quite possibly on to radio and television too. Conversely a poorly written, badly timed release will at best be ignored – and at worst tarnish your reputation and even prejudice future coverage!

One of the most soul-destroying jobs in journalism is sitting on a newsdesk and wading through the myriad of irrelevant, poorly written press releases that engulf your inbox and will never make it to the page. Automated inbox rules mean you can junk the worst offenders and never see their like again! Be warned!

This is because the company’s founder, Nigel Morgan, is an experienced journalist who knows what makes a great story, where to target it, when to send it and how to ensure it reaches the right person to get results.

Consequently Morgan PR also knows what makes a cracking ‘News Release’ – which is a subtly better name for a press release. We can get you noticed and into print, online and on air and help you achieve your business objectives – this is because your PR should serve always your overall business goals.

Our press releases are written like the news story they need to be and often appear in the target media exactly how they were written by us. Using bespoke media lists rather than carpet bombing generic lists of media outlets also ensures quality coverage that gets results.

Also, remember, if you follow the Organic PR approach recommended by Morgan PR, any press release can also be leverage within a blog, newsletters and on social media too.

Would you like help with press releases? Whether you have yet to send any or are wondering why your own never get published, Morgan PR can help. For example check out this blog post on ‘How to create a killer press release’ which is an extract from Nigel Morgan’s 30 Day PR Challenge, available to buy on Amazon. We also offer training on creating press releases that work.

Ultimately you can engage Morgan PR to write your press releases as many businesses in Berkshire, the Thames Valley and beyond already do. Speak to Morgan PR today by calling 01635 812069 or use the form to contact Morgan PR and we will be in touch promptly.