Owners and Managing Directors need not apply on LinkedIn – discover best practice for your headline

What does your headline on LinkedIn say?What does your headline say on LinkedIn? If it simple declares you to be the ‘Owner’ or ‘Managing Director’ then you are missing a major trick on LinkedIn; you should be using this to promote the difference you can make to clients!

Your headline is the text that appears immediately beneath your name and is a key part to getting you found on LinkedIn and driving people to engage. Equally it is your chance to appear dull and uninteresting – so let’s get it right and use best practice for your headline on LinkedIn.

You reach this simply by clicking ‘Profile/edit profile’ on the LinkedIn menu and you have 120 characters to play with and you should do it today if yours describes you as ‘Owner’ or ‘Managing Director’ of your business. That makes you as anonymous as our silhouette pictured here and you will blend in with the vast majority of such profiles in LinkedIn.

Not that such a title is false, indeed you are the owner and/or managing director and I congratulate you! I too can claim both titles when it comes to Morgan PR! However, currently my LinkedIn headline reads: Berkshire-based PR & social media consultant. I help companies make sense of and money from Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.

No doubt this piece of uncommon common sense instantly illustrates the potential that your headline has. Say something more powerful that explains what you do, better still the difference you make to your particular sector. Remember benefits are better than features! Throwing in a geographic reference will help too if you cover a specific area like PR and Social Media in Berkshire!

This will help with searches for your skills on LinkedIn and can also help someone be sure they have found you. If your name is not unique and someone is trying to track you done, explaining more about what you do could help them find you.

Remember, each and every time you tweak your profile those within your network will get an update about it. 

If you’ve pimped your title and want to share why not post it below – and log in with LinkedIn and other readers will be able to visit your profile. I will offer free advice on every headline posted below!