Not networking… this is netwalking!

Netwalking in Goring, Oxfordshire

We went netwalking earlier today – that’s not a typo! Netwalking is like networking, only much more active and takes places in the gorgeous countryside and neatly exercises the dogs too!

I was netwalking with Oxfordshire business coach Rob Pickering from Action Coach and his dog Bella, who together with me and Teg strode out beneath a bright winter sun at The Holies, part of a trio of National Trust Properties that overlook The Goring Gap on the Oxfordshire/Berkshire county boundary. Teg is pictured right in a vista that takes in the swollen river Thames as it threads between Streatley and Goring.

Our meander through the woodland turned into something of a metaphor for many small businesses without a coherent plan or indeed how they deal with PR and social media without a strategy! That is to say sort of knew where we were, but had no real sense of direction, we overcame some obstacles only to double back on ourselves and eventually ended back where we started!

So maybe parts of a netwalk are like running a business and certainly it is spent largely talking about business, which ample time also spent on the dogs and admiring the views of course. Away from the anonymous hotel reception with coffee, or the homogenised likes of Starbucks and Costa, the creative juices flow with each step and the conversations are simply better. It is the one-to-one… and some.

A dog isn’t essential for netwalking, but a stout pair of boots and sense of modest adventure wouldn’t go amiss. It is a regular slot on the Morgan PR calendar and our clients often join us as for a netwalk and so do those we meet when traditionally networking.

I know Rob Pickering would happily go netwalking. So who fancies it? The chance to network while legitimately exercising your dog during the working day is a rare one as any business owners who are also dog owners know!

Contact Morgan PR if you would like to go netwalking!