A Social Media Strategy is essential to your business

Public relations, the dark art of spin, snake charming – call it what you like, it has traditionally been seen as the art and science of manipulating the media – or perhaps inspiring them. Either way it was all about grabbing the headlines and dominating the airwaves and more recently cyberspace.

However high profile PR was, make no mistake it was the glamorous servant of the marketing department… But the internet has changed everything and the rules are now very, very different.

The advent of social media now means you can engage directly with clients and prospects and no longer have to rely upon the headlines to reach an audience. Indeed the converse it true, that audience no longer relies on the traditional media for news or to make known if they are unhappy with a service.

In a nutshell, now everything is PR – every interaction with the public, online or offline has the potential to impact on your image, so it is all now public relations!

A well written blog shared through social media has the potential to reach a wider and more targeted audience then a press release published as a story in a newspaper might! Yet it is still worth getting published in the traditional media for the credibility it delivers to your social media.

Yet still you have marketing companies who have come late to the game and claim to understand social media – yet clearly do not, or who still think public relations is just about press releases.  Or web designers who say they understand social media, but do no – any number of media professions are claiming expert status, without grasping the real power of PR, or the skill set needed.

Morgan PR, which celebrates 11 years in business in Berkshire in May 2013, has always understood the power of public relations and recognised the potential for social media earlier than most, and has been business blogging at Morgan PR since 2006 and on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn since 2007.

Director Nigel Morgan is a former chief reporter at the Newbury Weekly News and a Thames Valley Police press officer. He explained: “We create reputations with the myriad tools at our disposal, normally starting out with a PR & Social Media Strategy to identify the best way to promote a business. We take the time to understand a business.”

Morgan PR recently completed a public relations and social media strategy for The Vici Language Academy in Newbury, which teaches 13 languages from its offices in The Arcade to children, adults and business professionals.

Founder, Nathalie Danon-Kerr said: “We’re delighted with the PR & Social Media Strategy Morgan PR has provided. Nigel Morgan spent a long time learning how Vici works and how we help people learn a new language and then created a comprehensive strategy that is already delivering us new leads and enquiries and we are looking forward to working with Morgan PR going forward.”

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