The 29% Solution: Do You Block Out Time to Network?

Plan your networking

Week Two – Block out time to network – working through The 29% Solution in 2014.

That seems like a fair question? You can probably guess that it means doing a little more than blocking out the event time in your calendar!

Like most things worth doing in life, if you are going to network you should do it properly – unless that is you spell ‘networking’ more like ‘notworking’.

My journey through ‘The 29% Solution’ – the book on getting more from networking by BNI Founder Dr. Ivan Misner – has reached Chapter Two and having set specific and measurable networking goals in last week’s blog it involved saying what I was going to do to achieve them – it didn’t involve me blocking out the time needed to achieve those goals!

To be fair my role as a Director Consultant with BNI Berkshire involves extra responsibilities to support my chapters that requires spending time outside the meetings to ensure they thrive and I fulfil my aim of helping chapters to grow and individual members grow their business.

However what this part of the book has reminded me to do is block out time specifically for networking, so now I have time immediately after my various meetings blocked out so I can have 1-2-1s and follow up with members and visitors. I also specifically block out time on a Monday to invite visitors and then time each day to handle emails and respond to follow up calls.

In BNI, a member who doesn’t truly embrace the principle of ‘Givers Gain’ is often dubbed ‘a 90 minute member’ meaning that while they turn up for the meeting they do nothing else in the 9,990 minutes between weekly meetings.

When I think of other networking groups I have run and founded, they only thrived because I blocked out time to manage them and more crucially I only achieved business through them when I consistently added networking time to my default diary.

So this one of those uncommon common sense parts of networking and as I mentioned before if you consider networking worth doing, it is worth doing well!

So tell us how you manage your time networking? And remember, it is never too late to set your networking goals!