The 29% Solution: Profile your preferred client to win more business

Week Three – profile your preferred client – working through the 29% Solution in 2014

Another hefty dose of uncommon common sense in Week 3 of The 29% Solution is all about working out who your preferred clients are – which I know from when I offer help during one-to-ones is not always known.

Or as the book’s author and BNI founder Dr. Ivan Misner puts it:

Imagine what your business would be like if you had a Rolodex filled with only the people and businesses you most like to work with.

Apart from quipping my business would be in 1995 with a Rolodex, you can get the idea – instead of playing the numbers game with an ill-considered database you would have a CRM system that is brimming with genuine opportunities to do business.

It offers a worksheet which neatly displays the approach to profiling your preferred client and differentiates between B2C and B2B clients. It is actually quite simple like the best ideas and presumably is something that the book will build on as it works through its 52 networking strategies.

Another approach could be to analyse your existing clients – the ones that deliver for your business that is… not the right proper nuisance clients. Where are they based? How many staff do they have? What is their turnover – look for common factors especially as these will contribute to the profile of the preferred clients.

Also, and here is some bonus thoughts from Morgan PR, do consider creating case studies for these preferred clients to act as social proof for your preferred prospects. A case study focuses on the benefits your clients enjoy and demonstrate why someone should work with you. We do these and have clients enjoying as much as an 80% conversion rate courtesy of our case studies.

Please do contact Morgan PR if you would like to discover the power of case studies for winning business from your preferred clients.

Finally do remember you can discover about setting your networking goals and blocking out time for networking in our earlier blogs. And do tell us in the comments below how you profile your preferred client? Any helpful tips?