The 29% Solution: Recruit your Word of Mouth Marketing Team

Week Four – recruit your word of mouth marketing team – working through The 29% Solution in 2014

When you ask business people where most of their enquiries comes from they will nearly always say: ‘word of mouth’ – which is why we always say great PR is about getting people talking!

This is especially true if you go networking. I’ve belonged to and visited many different networking organisations, have chaired some and set up others and know that great referrals only come when people know what kind of business you are looking for.

Last week ‘The 29% Solution’ talked about understanding your ideal clients so you could as for the right kind of referrals and in the fourth of 52 networking strategies it talks about recruiting a word of mouth marketing team to find those ideal clients.

Now there is no mention of BNI here so unless you are familiar with the world’s biggest networking organisation you might not know that when you belong to a chapter of BNI you are part of a word of mouth marketing team! Your fellow members are your team and will actively go out looking for referrals for you, just as you go out looking for the referrals they have asked for!

This is achieved through a structured approach which has an underlying philosophy of ‘Givers Gain’ and if I give you business, you will give me business. That means if you know who your ideal client is you can ask for it and people will try and help, just as you do them. I’ve never seen this happen outside of BNI!

Obviously you do not need to be in BNI to recruit a word of mouth marketing team! It just makes it easier and certainly once you have experienced it you can actually clearly understand how to recruit other people to your team – for example many of our clients know what kind of companies we want to work with and actively look for chances to refer us.

Naturally, I scored well on the questions that related to this part of networking in the quiz I took at the beginning of adopting ‘The 29% Solution’ and I am proud of my word of mouth marketing team – and thrilled to be part of many other people’s team too!

Want to see a word of mouth marketing team in action? Visiting your local BNI chapter is a good start and probably the best way to grasp just how powerful such a team can be for your business whether you go networking or not. If you are Berkshire then please contact me for as a Director Consultant with BNI Berkshire I can help you.